Cone) He broadcast another appeal for warm clothing for soldiers on the eastern front She wrapped her son in warm blankets and fled take something warm to put on llévate algo de abrigo or abrigado para ponerte; this blanket s nice and warm esta manta es muy calentita 3 (cosy, homely) [+colour, shade, sound] cálido More warm colours have been introduced with rich red sofas and rugs The warm colour scheme continues in the master bedroom Saffron is a deliciously warm autumn shade the radio was playing a jazz record with/ a warm, mellow sound/ 4 (kindly) [+person, smile, face] simpático; afable; cálido The people are warm, kind, helpful and great fun She had a pretty, intelligent face and a warm smile She gave the child a warm smile The woman s voice was deep and warm, like her mother s He wanted to stay with her, to hear that warm, sorrowful voice she was a warm and loving person Before the summit began, the two leaders had posed for photographers, exchanging warm greetings the two leaders exchanged warm greetings los dos líderes intercambiaron cordiales saludos; her speech was received with warm applause su discurso fue recibido con un caluroso aplauso warmest or sincera enhorabuena a. warmest Warmest thanks to all these companies for their contributions to give sb a warm welcome dar a algn una cordial or calurosa bienvenida with warmest With warmest wishes and heartfelt gratitude. ) warm mantenerse abrigado Never wear damp clothing, and try to keep warm Keep warm by jumping up and down It is very important for old people to keep themselves warm Look, you sit by the fire and keep yourself warm wear thick gloves to keep your hands warm usa guantes gruesos para mantener las manos calientes; keep the sauce warm mantén la salsa caliente Turn off the heat and keep the sauce warm over the hot water to be as warm as toast estar bien calentito (informal) He sat as warm as toast in front of the fire 2 (thick) [+clothes] de abrigo; abrigado; (S.

s. adjectivewarmer (comparative)warmest (superlative) 1 (hot) [+bath, hands, feet] caliente; [+water] templado; tibio; [+air] templado; cálido; [+room, place, weather] cálido She would have a warm room to study in Soak the couscous in warm water for 15 minutes The water is warm and unpolluted Cassie was revived with some warm milk and biscuits Make sure your hands are nice and warm The smoke drifts steadily upwards in the still, warm air The warm air was heavy with the scent of sage When the beef is cooked, remove it and keep in a warm place I came to Spain for the warm weather a period of warm weather sow the seed in a warm place to be warm [+person] tener calor I m warm with my new jacket on I m too warm - I ll turn off the gas fire do you think she s warm enough with just a blanket? I m too warm it s very warm today hace calor hoy to get warm [+person] entrar en calor; [+object, surface] calentarse he started jumping to get warm empezó a saltar para entrar en calor; come and get warm ven a calentarte; it s getting warmer [+weather] ya empieza a hacer más calor Use extra layers of clothing to help you get warm more quickly we soon got warm once we started walking wait until the iron gets warm she noticed that the sides of the machine were getting warm The most important factor determining how warm the Earth gets is the amount of sun shining directly on land it soon got warm once the sun had risen it will get warmer this afternoon to be getting warm (in guessing game) ir acercándose a la respuesta; you re getting warm(er)! ¡caliente, caliente! You re not even warm - I ll give you a hint He could be the grandson of Winston Churchill - Am I getting warm? to keep sb warm mantener caliente a algn; mantener a algn abrigado Cover her with a blanket to keep her warm After such an accident, the patient will be in shock. Keep him warn and reassure by remaining calm We curled up in our sleeping bags and kept each other warm with body heat to keep (o.

calentarse Come and warm yourself in front of the fire. the strong sunshine, warming their bodies through all their clothes. Yours sincerely Sue Ryder transitive verb 1 (heat) [+one s hands, feet] calentarse I warmed my hands on the radiator me calenté las manos en el radiador; to warm o.

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